Customer engagement through brand page ads

Brand is an e-commerce store offering a wide range of aromatherapy & natural products like incense, essential oils, candles, diffusers, and natural home & personal care products like soaps, shampoos, room sprays, roll-on perfumes, etc. The brand believes in a natural way of life and promotes the use of wellness products to enrich the lives of people.
Many of their customers buy natural products as gifts for their friends and family. also offers specially curated gift options that are ideal for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and the holiday season.


The brand wants to offer its customers a personalized gift messaging service to show that they care. They have two main requirements. First, they want a solution that will not interfere with their checkout and fulfillment process. Second, they want a solution with unique features that will allow them to impress both the gift sender & the gift recipient and re-engage them.


Install Kodie from the Shopify app store. Get Kodie

After a successful gift purchase, customers can add a personalized video, photo, or text message for the gift recipients. The Gift message gets delivered directly to the recipient’s phone at the same time they receive the gift package.
After the recipient views the gift message they are automatically redirected to a brand page where the store can showcase or highlight products and add call-to-action buttons to redirect the customers from the brand page to the store.
Through Kodie brand pages a store can show customized,

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Call to action

Kodie can delight customers to increase brand affinity, re-engage both the gift sender and recipient, drive traffic to your store, convert gift recipients into customers and increase sales.

Benefits of Kodie
      • Checkout funnel remains unaffected
    The checkout and fulfillment process remains the same. Kodie widget shows up only after a successful purchase.
      • Improve reach
    Delighted customers and gift recipients are more likely to buy from the store again. They will also be enthusiastic about suggesting the brand or store to their friends and family. Brand pages help to improve the reach and build the customer base.
      • Boost customer engagement
    Kodie Brand pages allow merchants to create custom photo, video and carousel ads. Customers can engage with the ads and click on the call-to-action to reach the store and make a purchase.
      • Gain Insights
    Kodie’s merchant dashboard offers insights into gift analytics and brand page analytics. This valuable data can help brands study customer behavior and make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing, and marketing.
      • Stand out from the crowd
    With Kodie merchants can build brand affinity, isolate revenue related to gift purchases, study customer preferences, run ads, improve engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.