Innovative Video, Photo and Text gift messages


Brands that sell gift boxes and flowers online

Gifts and Flowers are the best way to express love, care, and appreciation for one another.

When people order gifts for special occasions, they like to add personalized gift messages for their loved ones. Customers may want to send custom digital photo and Video messages instead of the standard printed gift message.

According to studies,

85% of the gift buyers feel that personalisation is one of the main factors that determine the perfect gift


Install Kodie from the shopify App store. Get Kodie  

Kodie offers 3 forms of  personalized digital gift message : Video message, Instagram-style photo message or or text message for every order that a customer makes from the store. A personalized text message can be included with a Photo or Video message too.

  • Kodie’s Video gift messaging is a fun and interactive way to express one’s emotions by recording or uploading a video. 
  • Kodie’s photo gift messaging service offers some cool Instagram-like features, such as filters, annotations, stickers and image editing. 
  • Kodie’s “Inspire Me” section provides amazing text message ideas powered by ChatGPT. 

Kodie makes sure that the gift message is safely delivered to the gift recipient’s phone number as and when they receive the gift package. 

To know more about how Kodie works click here 

Why Kodie is useful for an online gift store
    • Stand out from the crowd
      Store owners can create lasting memories for customers by offering Kodie’s innovative, one of a kind, personalized gift message service. 
    • Create post-purchase customer delight
      A delighted customer is less price-sensitive and more likely to buy from the store again. They will also be enthusiastic in suggesting the brand or store to their friends and family. 
    • Checkout process remains unchanged
      The checkout and fulfillment process remains the same. Kodie gift messages are added only after a successful purchase.
    • Eco-friendly
       Kodie gift messages are completely digital. It avoids the need to print gift messages.