Fully automated digital gift messages


Moneyclip.com is a Seattle-based e-commerce store that sells premium money clips for men who prefer a minimalist cash carrying tool. Moneyclip.com is a brand that specializes in selling niche and durable accessories that are perfect gifts for friends and family. 

Customers who purchase gifts from their online store expect a personalized gift message service. The store wants a solution that is fully automated and stands out from the services offered by the other stores.


Install Kodie into Moneyclip.com from the shopify App store. Get Kodie

Kodie gift messenger app allows customers to add a recorded video, upload a photo or type a personalized text message for every order that they make from the store. Kodie makes sure that the gift message is delivered to the recipient’s phone when they receive the gift package.

Store can be completely free of the hassles of printing a message or QR code and putting it in the right box.

How Kodie Works?

On the order confirmation page Kodie prompts the customer to add a gift message. Once the digital gift message has been added, Kodie will safely encrypt the message and store it on the server. Once the gift order is delivered, Kodie will send the gift message to the recipient’s phone number. The recipient can cherish both the gift and the gift message at the same time. Kodie also goes the extra mile by sending the message delivery confirmation to the customer who sent the gift. 

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Why Kodie is better than other gift message services
      • Fully Automated message delivery 
    Store owners can go paperless and be free of the hassles of printing the messages or QR code and packing it in the right box.
      • Boost brand loyalty
    Kodie boosts brand loyalty by making the gift-giving experience and gift-receiving experience special.
      • Safe and Secure
    Messages are encrypted and stored safely in the Kodie server until it gets delivered. Only the sender and the receiver can view the message.
      • Easy to setup and use
    No coding is required to set up the app. The store will be ready to offer gift message services right after Kodie installation.
      • Analytics dashboard
    Kodie provides analytics about the revenue related to gift purchases.