The Kodie app is now available in the Shopify app store. Search for Kodie, then click “Get App,” and the app will be installed on your shop right away. You may also visit our app on Shopify by clicking on the link below: 

App link

Kodie is a gift messenger app that allows the customers to add a text, photo or video message after they make a gift purchase, and the app will automatically deliver this gift message to the recipient’s phone at the same time the order is delivered.

Once installed, Kodie will be connected with Shopify’s Order Checkout page or Thank You page, capturing and saving the personalized gift message from the sender. The app will communicate with the logistics carrier to obtain a tracking number for the order. Once the order is delivered, the personalized gift message will be sent to the recipient’s mobile device.

To use Kodie, merchants must have a Shopify store.

Please feel free to contact us at support@kodie.com at any time, and we will respond as soon as possible.

No. Your customers are never charged. Customers are free to use all the features available in Kodie to add a video, photo or text gift message to their order. For merchants, All features of Kodie are free except the custom brand page and brand page analytics. Merchants can upgrade to a paid plan based on how many brand page impressions they want.

No. The gift message will be delivered to the recipient’s mobile device in the form of a text message

Kodie encrypts all the messages sent by customers using an end-to-end encryption technology, so that they are not visible to the merchant or the app itself.

No, all Shopify merchants can install the app for free. The merchant will not be charged for any number of messages sent by customers. However, Merchants can upgrade to a paid plan to access the brand page feature.

Brand pages

Brand pages are campaigns that help you highlight or showcase products from your store, gain attention from new customers, drive traffic to your store and boost sales. Kodie brand page ads can be used to re-engage existing customers ( gift message sender ) and prospective customers ( gift recipient ).

You can create a custom brand page in the admin portal on Kodie and pick from one of the available templates. Multiple elements like Product image, image carousel and product video can be added to the same page. Call to action text and button urls can be customized for each element to redirect the customer to your store home page or a specific product page.

Brand Pages are displayed automatically by Kodie after the message recipient has viewed the gift message for the first time. Thereafter whenever the customer comes to the gift message page they can still view the brand page ads by clicking the “ view ads “ button below the gift message.

Impressions are the number of times your brand page ad has been served / shown to the customer.

The brand page analytics help you gain info about the user interactions with the brand page The analytics dashboard provides insight on the overall impressions, engagements, user count and click through rate. Engagement count and click through rate for specific components such as image, video, carousel or product can also be viewed. This detailed info helps you plan your ad campaigns better and drive traffic to your store.


In the brand page customers can view product images, scroll through an image carousel and watch a video. The call to action buttons under each section can redirect them to your store’s home page or product page.


This will depend on the payment plan that you choose. The number of brand page impressions vary according to the plan you choose. Free plan - 0 brand page impressions Starter plan - 20 brand page impressions Professional - 100 brand page impressions Business - 250 brand page impressions Enterprise - Unlimited impressions

Photo messages

With Kodie you can now Click, upload and edit photos to create instagram style photo messages using filters, annotations, stickers and much more.

Email templates

When the customer adds a gift message to their order, Kodie automatically sends an email confirmation to the customer. After the gift message is delivered to the recipient Kodie now sends the gift message delivery confirmation to the customer. The content of these emails can be customized for your brand from the admin portal using the available email templates

The email templates consist of logo & title, banner and text sections. Custom banner image and logo can be added to the template. The email text can be modified to suit your needs. The banner, and product image or text in the content can be linked to the home page and product page respectively.