Gain insights from the analytics, make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage


Brands that sell gifts and gift combos online

Personalization is the key to a perfect gift-giving and gift-receiving experience. Customers who purchase gifts online love adding personalized gift messages to their orders.
Merchants aim to provide unique post-purchase experiences for their customers that can enchant and engage them, while also allowing merchants to observe their behavior and gift preferences. This valuable data can then be used to make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies that could potentially lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.



Install Kodie from the Shopify App store. Get Kodie

Kodie’s gift analytics and brand page analytics offer valuable insights.

  • Kodie offers post-purchase delight to customers by perfectly timing the delivery of personalized photo, video or text gift messages with that of the gift package. Delighted gift senders and receivers are more likely to purchase from the store again.
  • Upon viewing the gift message, customers are automatically redirected to a brand page. This page allows them to engage with product ads and navigate to the store for making a purchase.
  • Kodie offers merchants detailed insight into valuable data.

Gift purchase analytics provides online stores with valuable information about their customers’ gifting behavior and the revenue generated from gift orders. The gift analytics also shows number of customer engagements with the widget (number of gift messages added ) and the reach with gift recipients (number of gift messages that were delivered). This information can help stores tailor their product offerings, product pricing and marketing strategies to better appeal to customers looking for gifts, potentially leading to increased sales, and customer loyalty.

Brand page analytics provides online stores with insights into how customers are engaging with their brand pages, their product preferences, the number of impressions on the page, and the number of customers who navigated to the store after visiting the brand page. This information can help stores optimize their brand pages to streamline ads, showcase products, engage customers better and promote sales.

Benefits of Kodie
      • Build a loyal customer base
    Happy customers are less price sensitive and more likely to make repeat purchases.
      • Gain visibility from new customers
    It is crucial to engage with gift recipients as they are potential customers for the brand, which is as important as keeping existing customers happy.
      • Make informed decisions
    The gift analytics dashboard provides data that can help brands make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies.
      • Drive sales
    Brand pages help drive traffic to the store thereby creating an opportunity to improve sales.
      • Improve engagement
    The data from the brand page analytics helps merchants improve customer engagement by streamlining ads based on customer behavior & preferences.
      • Gain a competitive edge
    Kodie’s all-in-one solution equips merchants with the necessary tools to outperform their competitors and achieve a competitive advantage.