Post purchase customer delight that helps build brand affinity


Online gift retailers strive to enhance brand loyalty and form a personal bond with customers through post-purchase services.

Gifts are the best way to express your love, care, and appreciation for someone special. When people cannot meet in person they prefer online gift delivery. These customers who purchase gifts from an online store for special occasions may also want to add a personal note to the gift recipient.

Usually, greeting cards or printed notes placed in the gift package are not handwritten and may lack a personal touch. Any brand that goes the extra mile, to fix this issue and create lasting memories for their customers. ultimately wins customer loyalty.


Install Kodie from the shopify App store. Get Kodie

After a successful purchase in your online store, Kodie allows your customers to include a personalized video, photo, or text gift message with every order.

A custom video or photo gift message along with a personalized text is a fun and interactive way to express one’s emotions like love, gratitude, appreciation, or excitement when they cannot meet their loved ones in person. The gift recipient also feels delighted to receive a personalized digital message on their phone when they receive a gift package. Happy customers are less price sensitive during a future purchase and delighted gift recipients get converted into loyal customers.

Kodie ensures that the gift message delivery is perfectly timed with the gift package delivery, which creates a wholesome gifting-giving and gift-receiving experience. 

Benefits Of Installing Kodie
    • Stand out from the crowd in terms of post-purchase service.
    • Increase Brand affinity and build a dedicated customer base
    • Convert Gift recipients into loyal customers
    • Gift analytics provide insights into the revenue related to gifts
    • Re-engage customers through brand pages